What’s the Difference between antivirus and Internet protection?

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What is the difference between internet security and antivirus protection?

There are several free software programs for antivirus protection my favorite is AVAST but my friend Sterling likes COMODO. These antiviral software programs watch over your smart devices (pc like). They check each download before they allow it to load on your pc or smart device.  Viruses use many forms and destructive tactics, from a virus spread to destroy your data shipped in from email or to launch software destruction on your operating system. Malware (short for malicious software, is software used to disrupt your device, gather your information, or gain access to your device.  Adware (monitors your web viewing, your likes and dislikes) comes also through new software added to your device.  Now, we want protection for our banking on line and our smartphone, tablet or pc used in public places. Antivirus will help with most, but not spying eyes or someone extracting our information or passwords in the public wireless fidelity (wyfi at coffee shops) locations.  That is the basic difference. Internet security looks out for you on the internet especially in public places. There is also another system out now that some are going to. It’s called personal vpn (Virtual Private Network).  Comodo has a free Internet Protection Software and there is Hamachi a free VPN. You can see these on line at FILEHIPPO.COM. You can also purchase higher levels of these applications at their websites. Happy surfing!