Understanding Online Goals

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Understanding your business goals and how to leverage the internet to obtain those goals; Successful online projects result from businesses finding a person who understands their business goals and who also understands how to leverage the internet to obtain those goals. Different businesses sometimes have completely different online goals and plans. It is important not to assume that the only … Read More

Website Vocabulary

Jon RodmanCritical Website Basics, Web Basics

Mobile Friendly – The ability of a website to render up pages appropriate for different devices.  Most websites will display pages correctly on PCs and Macs but pages may not display correctly on tablets, ipads or phones.  A different type of navigation is necessary so visitors on a phone can navigate the site on a phone or tablet.  Also, forms, … Read More

Web Presence

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You know businesses don’t spend time and resources building their online presence simply because they enjoy it;  They do this because this is what it takes to make it these days.  Don’t worry, it is not as complicated as you may think. We are really good at all this and make it simple…

Target Marketing?

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Does your site Attract the right people?  Now it is about letting searchers Self-Select .  It is important for people looking for the product or services you offer to 1) find your site, and 2) determine if you are the best organization to call, and 3) Reach out to you. 

Mobile Friendly Websites

Jon RodmanCritical Website Basics, Mobile Friendly Websites, Web Basics

Mobile Friendly Websites – More than half of the people visiting your website are probably visiting using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets and iPads.  What does your site look like to mobile visitors? Have you viewed your website recently on a phone and tablet? Websites do not become mobile friendly by accident.  It takes planning and knowledge. … Read More