This is EPIC ! EPIC ! EPIC !

IanEricsonComputer & Network Maintenance

Ok, I   know it’s over the top. That is the way I feel about this new browser EPIC…that is Epic Browser as it’s listed on the web. The reason Epic Browser is so great is that it is a private browser. Not a popup, not a cookie, not an adware…yea! Also if you would like non tracking of your IP address for the big online stores, this is it.

The other day my daughter complained to me that she was looking up a table online and later that day while she was working on her PC, a popup of the same table(from the same vendor) came up in front of her. Yep you guessed it. They were tracking her shopping. I loaded Epic Browser  on her PC. I have not heard about her opinion yet, but I’m sure she’ll appreciate the no junk mess with EPIC Browser.

CNET gave this program 5 stars.  You can find EPIC at or .Happy surfing everyone….

Update;  Epic does not yet have a version that works on Windows 8 or 8.1.