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Software for Customer Account Portals, Software to Connect to QuickBooks™, Mobile Friendly Website Development, etc. 

Until recently there has not been software available to create Customer Account Portals which are connected to QuickBooks™.

It is important for small and medium sized businesses to provide a fully functional way for customers to view and print invoices online, pay their invoices online and have these transactions post in QuickBooks™ by Intuit which is the most popular accounting software in use by small and medium sized businesses in the US.

The Lightning Mine Customer Account Portal platform became a concept.

Customers expect to be able to log into a website and view and pay invoices online.   Businesses need an affordable system to create a Customer Account Portal for their website.  Since most small and medium sized businesses use QuickBooks™ by Intuit for their accounting, it is important for the Customer Account Portals do connect to QuickBooks™.  Connecting to QuickBooks™ enables invoices and bills to transmit from QuickBooks™ to your website and payment transaction data to transmit into QuickBooks™.

Until now there has not been a way for Businesses to connect their Customer Account Portal to QuickBooks™ for immediate posting of payments.

Portal Software

Portal Software


Lightning Mine has become a decentralized group of six people, who have the exact skill set necessary to make mobile friendly websites, build really functional customer account portals.  We have developed the software and platform to connect these customer portals to QuickBooks™.

We have written the software for Customer Account Portals and the software to connect these customer account portals to QuickBooks™.

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Companies in the USA now have a budget friendly option to add a customer account portal to their website that connects to QuickBooks™ so when customers pay an invoice, the payment shows up immediately in the QuickBooks™ accounting software. This eliminates the labor of manually entering customer payments into QuickBooks™. It reduces postage expense when customers choose paperless billing, and speeds up receivables. The result is happier customers, lower expenses and increased efficiency.

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