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Trash Hauler Software

Residential, Commercial and Rolloff garbage customers expect to be able to view their bills online, print invoices and previous invoices, pay their bill online, and update their contact information online.

Trucking company owners and managers expect the billing and receivables to be streamlined, accurate and timely.  If a customer pays the invoice online, the payment will instantly reflect in QuickBooks.  There is not any manual entering of the transactions.

Now there is an “Off The Shelf” way to do this.

We have written the web portal software to create a customer account portal for your company website and also have written the software to connect it to QuickBooks.  We can put this together relatively quickly and efficiently.

How many calls per day do you receive from customers asking how they can log in and pay their bill online, or view or print previous invoices online.  How many calls do you get from customers asking to change their billing address, phone number or email address?

We also make really cool customer account portals.

If your website needs an overhaul, we also love creating mobile friendly websites for trash haulers.