Why do I Need a Website?

IanEricsonCritical Website Basics, Why do I need a good website?

Why should I spend hard earned dollars during a tough economy on a website?  Websites are the centerpiece of a business’s online presence and advertising.

Two very different questions:  Why do I need a website?  or Why do I need a good website?

Reasons businesses maintain websites and web presences:

  • Educate Existing Customers about additional products and services you provide.  Your existing and previous customers may visit your website and discover additional services.
  • Verification is the process where potential customers look your company up online to see if you have a real company before actually doing business with you.  Make sure your organization is verifiable.
  • Attract New Customers.  Yes, you really can attract new customers online.  If you think that you can only attract new customers via “Word of Mouth” then there is something wrong with your web presence.
  • A properly functioning Web Presence frequently attracts leads and customers for years.  It can be less expensive than traditional advertising.  The return on investment is typically greater online.  Traditional advertising typically points or reinforces messages on the website and websites typically reinforce messages broadcast via traditional advertising methods.