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We write web portal software to create a customer account portal and connect it to QuickBooks. We also make really cool customer account portals.

Web Portal Software

Web Portal Software

The basic idea of eCommerce is to enable or empower your customers to self serve. Customers love to be able to log in and pay their bill, change their address, view their payment history, pay ahead, and research additional services your company offers.

When your website, customer account portal and your Quickbooks are all connected together it makes business much more efficient.  Customer payments do not have to be reentered into QuickBooks manually becasue your customer account portal is connected to Quickbooks so the payments instantly display in QuickBooks.

Business owners love the efficiency of empowering customers to do these things because it reduces the amount of labor and reduces the opportunity for typos and errors.

Coincidentally customers who are able to self serve also rate the companies much higher for customer service surveys even though it is the customer who was providing their own service. Empowering your customers to self serve online is a win for everyone.

We have written the web portal software to connect QuickBooks to your website’s customer account portal. We also build customer account portals.

Web Portal Software

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