What is an Online Payment Portal?

If you have logged in to your credit card website to pay your credit card bill then you know what a payment portal is.  Most Credit card companies have an online portal where people can log in and view their credit card account transactions, see how much they owe, the due date and other account information.  There are also convenient functions to enable customers to be able to pay their credit card bill.  Most electric and gas companies also have payment portals to facilitate customers paying their utility bills. Customers have learned to expect convenient payment options for their utility bills.  Utility bills can be gas, electric, phone, internet, and rubbish removal. Companies have reached the point where they expect customers to pay their bills online and for that payment to post appropriately into their accounting system without the transaction having to be entered manually.

This increases accuracy, decreases labor and provides a superior level of customer service.  The irony is that by providing customers with an online payment portal, customers are able to self-serve and they perceive this as an increased level of service.  While the amount of labor required to provide service is decreased, customers feel that the level of service increases. That is the concept of ecommerce as it applies to online payment portals,  and empowering your customers to self-serve their way to greater levels of customer satisfaction. If you do not have an online payment portal for your customers to pay their bills, call today and let’s discuss how we can help.