Critical Website Basics

Jon RodmanCritical Website Basics

13 Critical Website Basics There are aspects to websites that visitors expect.  We call them our 13 critical website basics.  There are 13 aspects of website development that are important to be correct. Every baseline website needs some basic components.  The following is a list of key website components or functionalities.  If you want help with any of these, please call, text or … Read More

Website Vocabulary

Jon RodmanCritical Website Basics, Web Basics

Mobile Friendly – The ability of a website to render up pages appropriate for different devices.  Most websites will display pages correctly on PCs and Macs but pages may not display correctly on tablets, ipads or phones.  A different type of navigation is necessary so visitors on a phone can navigate the site on a phone or tablet.  Also, forms, … Read More

Why do I Need a Website?

Jon RodmanCritical Website Basics, Why do I need a good website?

Why should I spend hard earned dollars during a tough economy on a website?  Websites are the centerpiece of a business’s online presence and advertising. Two very different questions:  Why do I need a website?  or Why do I need a good website? Reasons businesses maintain websites and web presences: Educate Existing Customers about additional products and services you provide.  Your … Read More

How Do I Know What is Happening on My Website?

Jon RodmanCritical Website Basics, Web Basics

Full Analytics – You put some effort into building that site. Without analytics installed so you really don’t have any way of knowing who is visiting your site, what they were looking for or what they did on your site. If you don’t know what is going on with the site then you don’t know how to improve it. I … Read More

Mobile Friendly Websites

Jon RodmanCritical Website Basics, Mobile Friendly Websites, Web Basics

Mobile Friendly Websites – More than half of the people visiting your website are probably visiting using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets and iPads.  What does your site look like to mobile visitors? Have you viewed your website recently on a phone and tablet? Websites do not become mobile friendly by accident.  It takes planning and knowledge. … Read More